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I started playing with photography in the Spring of 2007, partly because of following some great artists such as gilad and my friend isacg. Since then I have been playing around with some of my own ideas, though I'm not sure if I have my own "style" yet. Looking back at some of my first photos, I now wish I had never put them up, and often looking at artists I wish I had never put my current photos up! But its fun to play around and *try* to be creative once in a while with my photos. It's exciting to learn new things and to play with different toys.

Currently I am working at Word of Life Bible Institute in Ontario, Canada, though I hope to return to Brasil where I was born and raised. I get to do some photography here at work from time to time but right now most of its done just for fun ;).

Would love to hear your comments & critiques on anything in here, or my flickr stream, or give me some ideas over at my blog. But my inspiration definitely comes from many of the artists here. Check them out:


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Having just returned from Brasil a week ago, I feel the need to get out of my Canadian bubble a bit more. It was my first time returning to Brasil since I left in 2001, and I wish I could have stayed. I traveled a bit while I was there, and now that I am back I am kicking myself for many of the shots I didn't get. That being said I had a lot of fun taking some photos while I was there, and have a strong desire to not only see more of Brasil, but the rest of South America.

But I must stretch myself and find new places within Rural Ontario to visit.
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Snow has come and taken away all the colours outside...and any hint of the sun's warmth...but I suppose now I can embark on an adventure to figure out the beauty within this icy season...and MAYBE learn to appreciate it ;)

I suppose it is as if it is all black & white!
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Ever since I was a small kid I have always wanted to get into photography, but back then film was expensive, I didnt have a camera, and no income other than my $10 a month allowance. Finally when I got into Jr. High I bought a 3.1MP Kodak, but it ended up not working very well, and my focus was elsewhere. But in the last year or so I decided I should start playing with it, and I bought a decent camera. I was wanting a good DSLR, but I was broke & in college, so I settled for a Canon S3-IS, which in my opinion is the next best thing to an SLR
So finally I can begin playing around with my camera & its settings. But what is next?

I want to actually take some courses in photography, and the college I work at is going to pay for them, so I was looking at the New York Institute of Photography's  "professional photography" course []. Anyone have an experience there?

Does anyone have any recommendations for Distance Photography courses?
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